Professional Electrical Consulting
Our Approach

Michael Wall Engineering, Inc. offers a full range of Engineering Services from Medium Voltage Power Distribution to Low Voltage Communications Design. Our extensive experience allows us to provide full-service expertise in designing complex solutions for our clients needs. Our licensed Professional Electrical Engineers, Registered Communications Distribution Designers, LC-certified Lighting Designers, and LEED Accredited Professionals bring knowledge and capability to each project, regardless of its challenges. Michael Wall Engineering continues to improve through experience, continued education, and collaboration to provide our clients cost-effective, constructible, and complete engineering solutions.

Power System Analysis
Short Circuit, Coordination, and Arc Flash Studies
Systems Capacity Assessment
Neher-McGrath Calculations
Power System Load Calculations
Voltage Drop Calculations and Analysis
Overhead Pole Line Sag and Tension Calculations
Underground Conductor Pulling Calculations
Power Quality and Disturbance Analysis
Forensic Reports and Expert Witness


Power Engineering

Critical Power Systems
Emergency Power Generation
Medium Voltage Distribution
600V Power Systems
Uninterruptible Power Supply (UPS)
Harmonics/Power Factor Corrections
Power Conditioning
Hazardous Occupancies
Motor Control
Overhead Pole Line Sag & Tension
Neher-McGrath Calculations
DC, 50Hz and 400Hz Power Systems

Lighting Design

California Energy Code Title 24 – Lighting
Design and Compliance Forms
Parking Lot Lighting
Landscape lighting
Sports Facilities Lighting
Day Lighting Harvesting
Lighting Control Systems
Architectural Lighting Design
3-D Photometric Renderings
Highly Energy-Efficient Designs
Lighting Energy Surveys

Communications System Design

Telecommunications Cabling
Outside Plant Cabling Systems
Infrastructure Design
Copper and Fiber Systems Design
MC, IC, and TC Room Design
Server Room Design
Fire Alarm System Design
Paging System Design
Security Systems
Audio Visual Systems

Distributed Generation

Power Generation
Photovoltaic Systems
CPUC Rule 21 Interconnect Agreement
Feasibility Analysis