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La Jolla, CA

Project Size / Type
92,000SF Built-to-Suit


Skidmore Ownings & Merrill LLP

Awards & Recognition
LEED Gold Certification

UCSD Telemedicine and Medical Education Facility

Project Overview

This 92,000SF 4-level academic medical building features state-of-the-art, sophisticated technology for hands-on medical training simulations and practicing telemedicine. The building contains medical instruction and simulation areas, auditoriums, faculty offices, tiered classrooms, computer labs, breakout rooms and student commons. The program for this project includes wet and dry lab medical simulation and training that incorporates telemedicine, a clinical skills training center, a learning center, and a student commons. Located on the lower level, a “simulation hospital” includes dry simulation ORs, ER/ICU suites and clinical hospital rooms, each fitted with cameras and two-way glass. The facility also accommodates wet labs, including a gross-anatomy labs and a vivarium, and dry labs through the use of high-fidelity medical robots. Classrooms on the 2nd and 3rd floors are organized around central learning community rooms, and IT suite and a student commons lounge. The auditorium and double height large group testing and training rooms are divisible by an operable partition to promote flexibility and offer diverse learning environments.

Michael Wall Engineering designed the building’s power, architectural lighting, voice data, and central lighting inverter system. MWE coordinated power and raceways for Stryker surgery equipment including LED surgical lights, equipment booms and anesthesia columns. Specialty lighting was designed for the large two-story auditorium that included linear slot fixtures closely coordinated with the multi-tiered acoustical paneled ceiling.

The energy efficient lighting design coordinated with the detailed interior design and achieved 20% below Title 24. This project was awarded LEED Gold Certification. The award-winning auditorium was designed by Patrick B. Quigley and Associates.