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San Diego, CA

Project Size / Type
15MW Cogeneration Project


Emcor Energy Services
Prime Engineer

University Mechanical
Prime Mechanical Contractor

Electrical Contractor

San Diego State University - Cogeneration

Project Overview

Michael Wall Engineering served as the electrical engineers for this $16.5M design/build 15MW cogeneration project at San Diego State University. The project was designed to generate electrical power through two (2) 5.3MW Solar Taurus 60S Gas Turbines and one (1) 4.3MW Tuthill Steam Turbine operating as a combined cycle heat and power plant. The plant provides enough power to run the entire SDSU campus.

Power was integrated into the SDSU grid and three (3) separate San Diego Gas & Electric service entrances. The SDG&E services are as much as 1.75 miles from the Central Plant. SF6 gas switches were utilized in a manner which allows each of the SDG&E services to operate in the “Utility”, “Parallel”, or “Island” mode independent of the other services.

The project design required in-depth field investigation and strategic placement of equipment. Re-use of existing 12kV feeder and removal of older 4160V equipment and feeders kept the construction costs and time schedule to a minimum.