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Michael Wall Engineering has completed over 400 projects for Higher Education clients in Southern California including major projects at 9 of the 10 UC campuses and 16 of the 23 CSU campuses. Over the last 24 years, MWE has completed over 125 projects at UCSD and over 150 projects at San Diego State University. Michael Wall Engineering has designed over 10 million square feet of higher education projects at over 100 campuses nationwide. MWE has designed over 15,000 beds for student housing.

Michael Wall Engineering has continually been a great partner and our work together at UC San Diego is no exception. They were a critical part of our pursuit team and produced the electrical design necessary to complete these housing projects in style.

— Nick Trammer / Operations Manager / Hensel Phelps Construction


University of California Campuses

UC Irvine Verano Unit 8 Graduate and Family Housing
Irvine, CA
329,170SF, 7-building graduate student housing complex, from 4-7 stories, 1,050 beds

UC Irvine Middle Earth Expansion
Irvine, CA
155,445SF undergraduate student housing complex, two 5-story towers, 500 beds

UCSD Future College Living and Learning Neighborhood
La Jolla, CA
6 buildings, 7 to 21 stories, including undergraduate housing with 2,042 beds, amenities and academic space

UCSD Downtown Innovation + Cultural Hub Tenant Improvements at Park & Market
San Diego, CA
57,400SF, 4-story office space for UCSD satellite campus

UCSD Price Center Expansion
La Jolla, CA
163,000SF renovated and expanded student services, conference, event facilities

UCSD Leichtag Family Foundation Biomedical Research Facility
La Jolla, CA
76,600SF biomedical research facility
196,000GSF total building

UCSD The Village at Torrey Pines West
La Jolla, CA
305,000SF, 8-building housing complex renovation, 1,026 beds

UCSD The Village at Torrey Pines East
La Jolla, CA
237,900SF housing expansion, 807 beds in 5 residential buildings, 2 mixed-use student services buildings

UCLA Saxon Suites
Los Angeles, CA
93,500SF, 6-building student housing complex renovation, 384 beds\

UCLA Margan Apartments
Los Angeles, CA
62,175SF undergraduate student apartment building, 42 units, 216 beds

UCLA Geffen Academy
Los Angeles, CA
75,000SF, 3-story tenant improvement renovation serving students grades 6-12

UC San Francisco Sandler Neurosciences Center
San Francisco, CA
123,885SF, 5-story neurosciences laboratory & clinical research building

UC Riverside Materials Science & Engineering Building
Riverside, CA
32,307SF academic laboratory and lab support facility

UC Davis West Village
The Viridian and Ramble Apartments

Davis, CA
185,000SF mixed-use Net Zero sustainable community

UC Santa Barbara
Santa Barbara, CA
15,612SF academic laboratory and lab support facility

UC Berkeley
Lawrence Berkeley National Laboratory

Berkeley, CA
18,400NSF academic laboratory facility at the Lawrence Berkeley National Lab Integrative Genomics Building

Private Universities

USD Knauss School of Business
San Diego, CA
72,000SF, 3-story academic building

USD Learning Commons
San Diego, CA
30,000SF, 2 stories, with 13 classrooms, and 150-seat lecture classroom

USD School of Leadership and Education Science
San Diego, CA
85,000SF, 3-story building with 15 classrooms, 200-seat auditorium, 60-seat executive training classroom

USD Camino & Founders Hall Renovation
San Diego, CA
241,753SF, 3-building tenant improvements

USD Copley Library Renovations
San Diego, CA
59,800SF, 2-story interior renovation and exterior renovations to front of library

The Claremont Colleges Keck Science Center
Claremont, CA
155,160GSF 3-story science center addition/renovation

Point Loma Nazarene University
Sator Hall and Latter Hall
San Diego, CA
36,000SF new science building

Point Loma Nazarene University
Nicholson Commons Renovation
San Diego, CA
42,220SF of interior and exterior improvement

California State Univ. Campuses

SDSU Huāxyacac Hall
San Diego, CA
205,000GSF student residence hall, 850 beds

SDSU South Campus Plaza
San Diego, CA
225,000SF, two 6-story mixed-use residential buildings, 608 beds

SDSU Calpulli Health Services Center
San Diego, CA
98,000SF 5-level health center

SDSU Maya and Olmeca Residence Community Renovation
San Diego, CA
440 beds in 2 buildings, 3 stories each

SDSU Tenochca Hall Rehabilitation
San Diego, CA
67,000SF, 8 stories, 380 beds

SDSU Tula Community Center
San Diego, CA
12,000GSF new conference center

SDSU Storm & Nasatir Hall Renovations
San Diego, CA
138,000GSF new 250-seat lecture hall, 430-seat auditorium

CSU Bakersfield University Office Center
Bakersfield, CA
1st of 4 buildings, 60,000SF, 3-story shell building and tenant improvements

CSU Dominguez Hills – Center for Science and Innovation
Carson, CA
42,000NSF academic laboratory facility within 91,000SF, 3-story building

CSU Chico Siskiyou II Science Replacement Building
Chico, CA
110,200SF science replacement building, 6 prototype facilities design

CSU Fresno Jordan Agricultural Research Center
Fresno, CA
10,900SF academic laboratory within 3-story, 30,000SF building

CSU San Marcos Extended Learning Building
San Marcos, CA
135,000GSF, 6-story building with retail and university program

San Jose State University Interdisciplinary Science Building
San Jose, CA
53,000NSF academic laboratory facility within 161,200SF, 8-story building

Cal Poly Pomona Library Renovation
Pomona, CA
204,190SF, 6-story library renovation and 4-story addition

California Poly San Luis Obispo
Warren J. Baker Center for Science & Mathematics
San Luis Obispo, CA
78,000SF academic laboratory within 6-Story, 189,000GSF building

California Community Colleges

Southwestern Community College Wellness & Aquatic Center Complex
Southwestern CCD
Chula Vista, CA
75,000ASF new wellness center, gymnasium and pool complex

Saddleback College Advanced Technology and Applied Science (ATAS) Building
South Orange CCD
Mission Viejo, CA
45,000GSF, new 2-story building and tennis courts facility

Orange Coast College Aquatics, Kinesiology, and Athletics Complex
Coast CCD
Costa Mesa, CA
95,630GSF aquatics, adaptive PE and support space

Orange Coast College Allied Health Sciences, Biological Sciences and Consumer Sciences Complex
Coast CCD
Costa Mesa, CA
22,431NSF academic laboratory facility within 84,947GSF 3-building complex

Golden West College Math and Science Building
Coast CCD
Huntington Beach, CA
40,000NSFL academic laboratory facility within new 3-story, 120,516SF math and science building

Cypress College Science, Engineering, and Math Building
North Orange County CCD
Cypress, CA
36,000NSF science teaching laboratories within new 3-story 122,000GSF STEM building

San Diego City College Engineering Technology Building
San Diego CCD
San Diego, CA
136,000ASF 3-building consolidation and renovation

Mesa College Center for Business & Technology
San Diego CCD
San Diego, CA
57,148GSF, new story academic building

Mesa College Fine Arts Building
San Diego CCD
San Diego, CA
26,500SF, within 4-story I-300 building

Mesa College Student Services Center
San Diego CCD
San Diego, CA
85,000SF, 4-story building

Miramar College Library/Learning Resource Center
San Diego CCD
San Diego, CA
105,000GSF, 3-story facility

MiraCosta College Oceanside Campus
New Student Services Building

MiraCosta CCD
Oceanside, CA
39,040GSF, new 2-story student services building

MiraCosta College Oceanside Chemistry and Biotechnology Building
MiraCosta CCD
Oceanside, CA
25,550GSF new chemistry and biotechnology building

Santa Ana College Science Center
Rancho Santiago CCD
Santa Ana, CA
29,400NSF academic laboratory facility within 64,785SF, 3-story science center

Santiago Canyon College Science Building
Rancho Santiago CCD
Orange, CA
23,000SF academic laboratory facility within 60,000SF building

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