12-170 Atlas-Copco NEW Compressor Side
Helicopter Aerial view of Harbor Drive Facility. HD 1/26/2006.
12KV Run and Compressor Yard
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Helicopter Aerial view of Harbor Drive Facility. HD 1/26/2006. thumbnail
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Solar Turbines

Project Overview

Michael Wall Engineering has completed several electrical design projects for Solar Turbines at the Harbor Drive Facility.  These projects include the following:

Department 205 6000kVA Substation Replacement:  This project replaced antiquated switchgear and substations with new equipment.  A pair of 3000kVA unit substations were custom designed, including detailed REVIT 3D routing of all conduits, along with new secondary distribution boards in multiple buildings and test cells.  The project included detailed phasing plans that minimized power outages in the plant.

Atlas-Copco Compressor 6000kVA Substation:  This project replaced two dissimilar substations that fed a pair of 2250HP air compressors.  A new 6000kVA 4.16kV unit substation was designed in REVIT 3D, along with a VFD system and bypass contactors, to support the refurbished air compressors.  The single VFD system was specifically designed to start each compressor sequentially, while switching to bypass mode.  This allowed a single VFD to start both air compressors, saving significant equipment cost.

Building 13 Electrical System Replacement:  This project replaced the existing pad-mounted transformer and interior distribution system with new equipment at Building 13, where all rotating turbine components are manufactured and tested.  A new 2000kVA unit substation fed nine sections of overhead bus duct to support the machine tools located on the factory floor.  The design involved detailed field investigation of the 60-year old building since no electrical records existed for any of the installed systems.  Careful phasing of the construction was detailed since the critical manufacturing operations within the building could not be interrupted.